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development path

1. In 2007, Bonfort entered the initial exploration period and began to engage in the research and development, production and sales of UV, water-based coatings and related products ;

2. In 2008, the Yiyang production base was constructed and successfully put into production, which officially sounded the horn of high-speed development. ;

开启华南市场销售、邦弗特人坚定目标,实现新的飞跃 3. In 2012, the Changsha base was put into production , sales in the South China market were opened, and Bonforts were determined to achieve a new leap. ;

成立邦弗特商学院、新增越南 运营中心 、邦弗特创 新发展,引领行业潮流4. In 2016, the East China Application Innovation Center was established , the Bonfert Business School was established, a new Vietnam operation center , and Bonfert's innovation and development were established to lead the industry trend ;

战略精进 5. In 2017, two new production bases in Guangdong and Shandong were added to expand the territory and improve the strategy. ;

启动总部新基地建设,蓄力腾飞,邦弗特逐步走向世界6. In 2019, a new US operation center will be added , the construction of a new headquarters base will be started, and the power will take off, and Bonfort will gradually go global .