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corporate philosophy

Corporate Strategy <br /> To achieve our corporate vision, we will implement the following basic corporate strategies:
product service
Always adhere to the industrial field with environmentally friendly and efficient new chemical materials as the core technology, and continue to invest in research to pursue the world's most advanced technology;
Cooperate and extend with the depth and breadth of the industrial chain to improve the sustainable competitiveness of the value chain;
Adhere to the leading strategy, pursue the technological leadership of the products and lead the market share.
Continuous growth Continue to expand product market segments, prioritize mergers and acquisitions integration, and expand markets in new areas to achieve sustained and healthy sales growth.
Operational excellence attaches great importance to efficiency improvement and cost reduction, optimizing the supply chain and continuous improvement to improve operational efficiency, while guaranteeing the financial security of operations; continuously investing resources to build and enhance company and product brands.

Company product concept <br /> Environmental protection and high efficiency, always pay attention to.

Talent concept of the company <br /> Both morals and talents, morality first, respect for trust, symbiosis and prosperity.

Working attitude of the company <br /> Be meticulous and keep improving; make a little progress every day and strive to become a post expert

Company quality policy: stable quality, realistic and innovative; continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.

The company's environmental policy: clean production, energy saving, pollution prevention, compliance with laws and regulations, and sustainable development.

The company's occupational health and safety policy: caring for employees, paying attention to health, production safety, and prevention.

Company 5S policy: beautiful environment, high performance