Talent Concept

Selection criteria: both virtue and talent, with morality as the first priority; virtue and talent, reuse; ethics without talent, training and promotion; without morality and talent, limit use; without morality and talent, firmly do not use.

Principles for employing people: respect for trust, coexistence and common prosperity; give full respect and trust to talents, use their strengths to avoid their weaknesses, and make good use of people, fully tap the inherent potential of talents, and achieve a win-win situation between the company and individuals The talents that have grown up are our company's precious resources. We should protect the employees who work together with honor and disgrace, work hard, and suffer losses. We should never let "Lei Feng" suffer, and devotees should receive reasonable returns.
Especially for management cadres, they should be guided by the company's talent concept, and have a bold mind to train new people, make good use of new people, help new people and young people plan their careers, and cultivate more professional and talented professionals for the company's development. , Management, marketing, research and development talent. Due to the company's development needs, people with lofty ideals are invited to join.