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Knowledge is power | Bonfort's training course for middle and senior managers has started smoothly!

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In the early summer of Hunan University, there were many shadows and books.

Class B111 of Hunan University ’s School of Business Administration, located on Lushan South Road, once again welcomed Bonfort's middle and senior management staff. For this training course on “Customer Satisfaction and Marketing Innovation”, the company specially invited Professor Li Ping, director of EDP Center of Hunan University. Conduct a lecture.

During the two-day course, Professor Li Ping analyzed a large number of classic marketing cases, such as how Huawei mobile phones, General Motors, Tangrenshen Group, Southwest Airlines and other companies turned the company's business situation through brand strategic positioning. Combining with the current macro market environment, students can feel that the real victory or defeat is not seen in the market. In fact, it is seen in the potential minds of customers. What we really want to do is to stand on the customer's side, think more about the customer's interests, and continue to Improve and improve products to meet and exceed customer needs.

Talking about the case of De Beers Diamond's successful positioning in the adjustment of the three strategic directions of benefits, attributes, and values, students combined with the company's development history to associate: Bonfert's original positioning was new chemical materials. Over the years, in the field of environmentally friendly UV and water-based coatings, we have continuously provided customers with coating contracting service models to ensure customers' quality, optimize costs, provide worry-free coating solutions, and assist customers with "aesthetic innovation" as the core. Innovative coating solutions. The two-day intensive training made Bonfort trainees better understand how to think from the perspective of customers.

Cadres are the backbone of an enterprise. Cadre training is an important part of corporate culture construction.

On the night of the training, Chairman Li Xinxiong and General Manager of the Furniture Coatings Division Zheng Jianlin discussed and discussed with the students from the perspective of the nature of the management process and the selection and training of cadres. By refining the nature of the management process, President Li hopes that in today's increasingly severe international economic situation, the managers of our company can further explore the potential and enhance the team's combat effectiveness through efficient management and marketing innovation. Based on his own experience, President Zheng shared how to cultivate his mentality and ability to solve problems quickly in the workplace from three aspects: ability, mentality, and action.

In the era of knowledge, the best way to activate personal value is to let him have learning ability, which will also become the core competitiveness of future society. "Achievement of employees" is part of Bonfort's corporate mission. The company regularly provides opportunities for learning and exercise to improve employees' own quality and business skills in order to better serve customers and give back to society.