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My story with Bonfort health treasure chest

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In the early summer afternoon, Manager Wu knocked on the door of my office with a small white medicine chest. Sure enough, Bonfort Health Treasure Chest arrived on schedule, and this year's design is a bit more beautiful than previous years.

"You are a must-have every year, a small medicine chest, which conveys great care. But this year's treasure chest really has hundreds of treasures," I laughed and teased. Manager Wu disturbed his head and began to count embarrassingly: "Green herbal cream, Huoxiangzhengqishui, Rendan, Zhenghonghua oil, Yunnan Baiyao Band-Aid ..."


Painting optimization

The association with Bonfert and Manager Wu also originated from the summer of previous years. Vaguely remembered that the company's big boss, Mr. Liu, took Mr. Wu with a small white box to the office to find me that day. The main point is that the paint brand of Bonfort is quite good. It can provide such meticulous and considerate services from the perspective of customers. This small medicine box containing various temporary medicines and safety needs to deal with summer workers' allergies, heat strokes, etc. is put in the workshop office for emergency needs.

During that time, the company's transformation period required further improvement of painting management and cost optimization. The company's President Liu forced the painting cost to be reduced by 5% under stable production capacity, and I was the main person in charge of this project. In the hot summer, sweating like rain every day, the service team led by Manager Bonfort Wu, together with our team, finally completed the project after nearly a month of hard work day and night, and successfully reduced our painting costs on the original basis. 8 %about.

When summarizing the project, the company's President Liu affirmed the support and assistance of Bonfert and Manager Wu to our company, and was moved by Bonfert's attitude of always thinking about customers from the perspective of customers. At that time, when looking at Mr. Wu, who was already thinner, he became thinner a month later. Mr. Liu teased lovingly: "If the cost of painting is to be reduced, the body is important to increase."


Color innovation

The moment when Mr. Wu came to give the health treasure chest last year was the year of innovation for our company. The company needed more and more creative products, and this burden naturally fell on my shoulders. The project this time, because we moved to the new factory area, the environment is much better, but the pressure has not decreased. After more than two months of struggle, the manager of Wu and the Bonfort color innovation team led by him and his team, from the upgrade of the coating to the adjustment of the process, after many attempts, finally selected three color products, innovated Creatively leading the overall level of the industry and highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers. At the same time, these several color innovation products have brought the company a profit increase of 30%!

At the company's supplier conference last year, the company's general manager Liu highly praised Bonfert and manager Wu, and awarded Bonfert the "Supplier of the Year" honorary title. Manager Wu came to the stage to receive the award and speak, still harassing his head, saying, "Bonfort just did what we should do."

Our company, like other domestic and foreign excellent home furnishing companies, has been thinking about how to provide consumers with healthier, more beautiful and comfortable home furnishing products through technological innovation, and create a green, functional and aesthetic modern home furnishing life. At the same time, we will always rely on upstream supply chain companies like Bonfort, and through their technological innovations, we help us to achieve product upgrades and process optimization, and lead the new trend of industry development.

On the way to the factory floor together, Mr. Liu, the big boss, said: "Now the global economic situation is so severe, and the recent escalation of Sino-US trade war friction, this year will be a more challenging year for all industries. Ah! Many companies are opening up and cutting expenditures, and Bonfort is able to continue the healthy treasure chest activity, which is very worthy of recognition and encouragement. "

Looking back on the past few years, it has been challenging and hard-working years. In the future, the challenge will only get bigger and bigger, and this small healthy treasure chest has also witnessed the development and changes of our company in recent years. I am also thinking, what kind of surprises will Bonfert and Manager Wu bring to us after this healthy treasure chest this year?

I will always look forward to it!

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