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Dreaming as a horse sword pointing to the distance | Bonfort Expo opens "new journey of UV king"

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The so-called king

Foresighted and on the ground.

Since its establishment, Bonfort has always adhered to the company's vision of "being a respected company in the field of global new chemical materials", and moved forward step by step:

At the peak of traditional coatings in 2006, we launched a new idea for environmentally friendly UV coatings and effectively integrated the research and development and production resources of resin synthesis ;

In 2009, the company won the research and development and application results of waterborne wood coatings as a priority, and was highly recognized by the market;

率先为客户提供涂装承包服务模式,协助客户进行产品创新和成本优化; In 2012, we took the lead in providing customers with coating contracting service models to assist customers in product innovation and cost optimization;

In 2016, we actively provided customers with innovative coating solutions with "aesthetic innovation" as the core;

In 2018, four new production bases in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu and Vietnam were added to form an efficient production linkage system;

规划; In 2019, it will successfully complete the first domestic intelligent UV coating production line for water-based UV color modification and topcoat connection, and follow the national strategic emerging industries' high-end, refined, and green development plans;


Brave new journey

Taking dreams as horses, the sword points into the distance .

,面对新形势下的环保要求,我们推出了新的战略规划: The company has been committed to environmental protection coatings for many years, and has made breakthroughs in UV and water-based coatings . In the face of environmental protection requirements under the new situation, we have launched a new strategic plan:

1. Comprehensively promote the environmental protection coating 5.0 scheme and start the diversified application of new environmental protection materials;

2. Strengthen the priority concept of product and R & D, and develop wood coating products based on the concept of high-end electronic product coating;

3. New environmentally friendly coating color solutions, leading the color innovation trend of the home building materials industry;

4. Initiate the 4-2-2 strategic layout plan, laying a solid foundation for the global expansion of the Bonfort brand;


Regarding these small advances, the little luck we have, the little ideas for the future, and many more things to say, we will hold a press conference to invite you to communicate on the spot.

Conference time: 10:00 am on July 9, 2019

Venue: 11-1-05, Area B, Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangzhou

At this Expo, Bonfort's new color series will be unveiled in a unique way to provide you with a more functional and aesthetic painting experience. 交流 探讨 In addition to various product displays, there will be many industry leaders at the booth at the Bonfort booth to conduct on-site exchanges and discussions on industry development, popular color trends, environmental protection and efficient painting online pain points and difficulties .

在广州琶洲国际会展中心 B区11-1-05号展位 ,我们 已经备好了有趣的话题、精美的礼品、丰富的茶歇,还有众多神秘嘉宾…… From July 8th to 11th, at Booth 11-1-05, Zone B, Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center , Guangzhou , we have prepared interesting topics, exquisite gifts, rich tea breaks, and many mysterious guests ...

Bonfort is here to meet you!