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Sword refers to the distance | UV King Bonfort, a new journey! (Part 1)

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Banfert   Bonfort New Materials   July 4

——The precipitation and bloom of UV king


13 years ago, winter

In an iron workshop in Longling, Yiyang, more than 2,000 square meters.

The cold wind roared outside the window, which could not conceal the generous enthusiasm of all ten employees:

We must continue to strive to become a respected company in the field of global new chemical materials!

It was 2006 when Bonfort was founded.

Summer, 2019

Changsha, Hunan, a national economic and technological development zone.

Amid the roar of large excavators and the salute of salutes, dozens of management representatives from various departments of the Ningxiang factory jointly swore:

We want to start a new journey of group development and strive for greater glory!

This is the groundbreaking ceremony for the new 200 acre base at Bonfert Hunan Headquarters.

  Master the core technology

PU/PE/NC 等)鼎盛之际,邦弗特开启 UV 涂料新主张,并有效的整合树脂研发、合成与生产;从源头和核心技术上提升 UV 产品的品质。 At the beginning of its establishment, at the height of traditional coatings ( PU / PE / NC, etc.), Bonfort launched a new idea for UV coatings, and effectively integrated the research and development, synthesis and production of resins; it improved the UV products from the source and core technologies . quality.

The “industry-industry-research” cooperation unit and the dean of Central South University of Forestry and Technology said during the visit: Your core technological advantage should be a very important factor on the top of the industry.

UV 行业王者地位! Forward-looking strategic layout lays the king position in the UV industry!

Annual production capacity of 100,000 tons

UV单品达几个亿的年销售额; From a monthly production capacity of 100 tons to an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons; UV single products have annual sales of several hundred million;

1 2 吨的反应釜到目前的全自动的智能流水线系统,领先于同领域的生产型企业; From the initial 1,2 ton reaction kettle to the current fully automatic intelligent assembly line system, it is ahead of production enterprises in the same field;

In addition to a sound manufacturing system, the four seasons of birds and flowers in the factory area are also talked about by employees.

UV 行业王者地位! Huge output value and capacity lay the king of the UV industry!

Four production bases and two service centers

The three or two guns of the marketing system in the initial stage of the market conquered Northeast China, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and South China ...

1 万公里行程,每一片土地都留下邦弗特人奋斗的汗水和脚步; A car travels more than 10,000 kilometers a month , and every piece of land leaves the sweat and footsteps of the Bonforts struggling;

Established from Zhejiang Huzhou Innovation Center and Dongguan Dongguan Creative Center,

Established production bases in Hunan, Shandong, Guangdong, and Vietnam, and spread to the world after radiating the country;

UV 行业王者地位! Perfect production layout lays the king position in the UV industry!

More than 40 invention patents

12 点的灯光里,那些工程师忙碌的身影已经是常态; The founder advocates scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises. In the lights at 12pm in the R & D building since the start of business, the busy figures of those engineers are already normal;

985/211 高等院校的学子们,已经是公司的主流中坚力量;每年销售额 6% 的研发投入也是优质产品的重要保障。 With the continuous growth of performance, the talent structure of the research and development team; PhD and masters, including students from 985/211 universities such as Hunan University , have become the company's mainstream backbone; R & D investment of 6% of annual sales is also high-quality products Important guarantee.

"This company is like a pharmaceutical company!" The chairman of Hubei Yonghean Group Co., Ltd. was in the R & D building, and expressed his sincere feelings for Bonfert's powerful R & D, equipment and equipment configuration, and personnel composition.

UV 行业王者地位! Strong R & D configuration and resource investment lay the king of the UV industry!

的进阶 Service 1.0-Advanced of Service 5.0

By providing customers with high-quality competitive products that replace imported brands,

To be the first to provide customers with coating contract service models that optimize costs,

“美学创新”为核心的创新涂装解决方案, Then to the leading industry's innovative coating solutions with "aesthetic innovation" as the core,


都是努力践行着“求实创新、团结奋斗、诚信感恩、成就客户”的企业核心价值观。 All of them are working hard to implement the core values of the company: "practical and innovative, united, honest, grateful, and successful customers."

UV 行业王者地位! Comprehensive service system lays the king position in the UV industry!

500+ partners

3C 电子、消费包材、汽车零部件等消费电子领域; Through precision-cultivated flooring, furniture, custom and wooden door and other home building materials; to expand 3C electronics, consumer packaging materials, automotive parts and other consumer electronics fields;

Including Tiange Flooring, Yongyu Bamboo Industry, Mengtian Wooden Door, Quanyou Furniture, Del Flooring, Living Baroque, Wuliangye, Astronergy, etc .;

With more and more excellent partners, through continuous technological innovation, make life safer and better!

As the message of Chairman Yumeng Mumen Yu once said, Bonfert is a practical enterprise and worthy of trust!

UV 行业王者地位! The affirmation and support of many excellent partners lay the king of the UV industry!

…… ……

Founded 13 years ago, Bonfort is determined to be in the field of environmentally friendly new chemical materials.

Strive to grow in the wind and rain, continue to break through in the challenges,

In the endeavour, with the support of various partners and industry promotion, we have achieved a certain position and achievements in the professional field.

The sedimentation of the UV king will eventually win the bloom ...

UV王者邦弗特,再起新征程! (下) 为您揭秘。 Taking dreams as horses, swords pointing into the distance, UV king Bonfert, a new journey ! (Below) to reveal the secrets for you.