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Hunan Bonfort New Material Technology Co., Ltd. announced the completion time of its 5000-ton-per-year UV coating expansion project

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In accordance with the relevant requirements of Article 11 of the Interim Measures for Environmental Protection and Acceptance of Construction Projects Completion (National Environmental Impact Assessment [2017] No. 4), Hunan Bonfort New Material Technology Co., Ltd. ’s annual output of 5000 tons of UV coating expansion project has been in 2019 The project was completed on November 20, 2013. The completion information is now publicized and the public supervision is received. If there are any opinions or suggestions on the company's construction, the public can give feedback to the contact person of the unit by phone.
Construction unit: Hunan Bangfute New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Project name: 5000 tons of UV coating expansion project construction site: Ningxiang Lijingpu Street Street Lijingpu Community Construction content: This project is only based on the original project. Production capacity, the original one-shift system was changed to two-shift system, UV coating production capacity increased by 5,000 tons / year, production plants, production equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc. are based on the company's original engineering plant and equipment environmental assessment: October 2019 by Hunan Huiheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. completed the environmental impact assessment and prepared the “Environmental Impact Report Form for Hunan Bonfort New Material Technology Co., Ltd. UV Coating Expansion Project with an Annual Output of 5000 Tons”. On November 14, 2019, the Ningxiang Environmental Protection Bureau approved Ning Gao Huan Fu [2019] No. 45 for completion. Date of completion: November 20, 2019 Contact person: Chen Li Phone: 13973150885
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