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Detection of the original state of paint:

GB 1724-79 coating fineness determination method.pdf

GBT 1723-93 coating viscosity determination method.pdf

GBT 9269-2009 Determination of paint viscosity. Stormer viscometer method. PDF

GB 6753.3-86 Coating storage stability test method.pdf

GBT 22237-2008 Determination of surfactant surface tension.pdf

GBT 27816-2011 Determination of glass transition temperature of lacquer base for paints and varnishes.pdf

GBT 6488-2008 Determination of the refractive index of liquid chemical products (20 ℃) .pdf

GBT 5208-2008 Determination of flash point fast equilibrium closed cup method.pdf

GBT 1721-2008 varnish, oil and thinner appearance and transparency test method.pdf

GBT 1722-92 Varnish, clear oil and thinner color test method.pdf

Testing of coating performance:

.pdf GB 1726-79 (89) Determination of coating hiding power.pdf

GBT 9264-2012 paint and varnish anti-sag resistance evaluation.pdf

GB 6753.2-86 Coating Surface Dry Test Small Glass Ball Method.pdf

GB 1728-79 paint film, putty film drying time measurement method.pdf

GBT 13452.2-2008 Paint and varnish film thickness measurement.pdf

Coating performance test :

GBT 9761-2008 Visual colorimetric comparison of lacquers and varnishes.pdf

GBT 4893.6-2013 Furniture surface paint film physical and chemical properties test Part 6: Determination of gloss.pdf

GBT 23981-2009 Determination of Contrast Ratio of White and Light Paint. PDF

GBT 9754-2007 Paints and varnishes. Determination of 20 °, 60 ° and 85 ° specular gloss of paint films without metallic pigments.pdf

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